The National Livestock Exhibitor is dedicated to the people who bring recognition and prestige to the red meat industry through the production and exhibition of champions in the show ring.



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The National Livestock Exhibitor is published 8 times per year:
May/June/July - Summer Issue
August - State Fair Issue


For our internet friends who are not familiar with the National Livestock Exhibitor magazine, The National Livestock Exhibitor is dedicated to bringing recognition and prestige to the junior livestock programs and the exhibitors who show champions.

The National Livestock Exhibitor is an activist publication working to expand the junior livestock programs by providing increased incentive to those who excel. Some of our accomplishments that have had both an immediate and long term positive effect on the industry follow:

• Organized a sale committee meeting with representatives of Missouri Chamber of Commerce, leadership of Missouri 4-H, FFA and State Fair management that resulted in the participation of Missouri Governor in the sale and quadrupling the prices, proving Missouri could have a successful Sale of Champions.

• As Secretary of the Iowa Foundation for Agricultural Advancement, managed the 1st successful Sale of Champions at the Iowa State Fair where prices paid increased 500%.

• The following year, met with the Iowa State Fair Board of Directors to request a class for Market Heifers, to allow two more beef animals to sell in the Sale of Champions. This was approved over the objections of Iowa Youth Extension.

• Addressed the Iowa State Fair Board of Directors, meeting two years in a row - to request that steers be shown by breed in Iowa. This was approved over the objections of Iowa Youth Extension.

• Revealed the name of the psychologist who influenced Extension philosophy and youth programs nationally. His published works include "Competition is Harmful to Children".

• Organized a Missouri Livestock Producers group that petitioned the Missouri State Fair to approve showing of Junior Market Steers by breed. Approved.

• On behalf of National Western feeder calf exhibitors, petitioned the National Western Stock Show to hold the auction of feeder calves the same day as the show. Approved.

• Introduced the Sanctioned Points Show program to Iowa , where it has been copied by all the states in the Midwest, greatly increasing the demand for quality steers.

• Conducted an investigation and provided evidence showing the first Director of the Iowa Beef Expo, who was also the Director of the Junior Show, was not providing accurate financial records. This resulted in the director being replaced and restitution being made to the Iowa Beef Expo.

• The Illinois State Director of Shows and Fairs credits articles and editorials published in the National Livestock Exhibitor for including the Land of Lincoln Champions in the Governor's Auction at the Illinois State Fair.

• As Secretary of the Iowa Foundation for Agricultural Advancement, organized a meeting with the heads of Iowa State University Agriculture Departments that resulted in replacement of Jerry Parsons, head of Iowa Youth Extension who wanted to discontinue all 4-H livestock auctions in Iowa, including the Sale of Champions at the Iowa State Fair.

• Attended a listening session and provided a voice for the 80% of exhibitors who disapproved of the proposal by Wisconsin's State Fair Director of Agriculture and Wisconsin Youth Extension to take up to 40% of monies received by exhibitors at the Governor's Blue Ribbon Auction.

• On behalf of feeder calf exhibitors at the North American International, petitioned management to add a heifer division to the feeder calf show. Approved.

• Opposed and brought negative publicity to Iowa Youth Extension's plan to award "Green Participation Ribbons", replacing Blue, Red, and White. Extension's proposal dropped.

• The National Livestock Exhibitor was pleased to provide an ATV to the Sanctioned Point Show programs in each of five states across the Midwest to raffle to raise funds for awards and provide additional incentive to participants.

The National Livestock Exhibitor will feature details of these events in future issues. Stay Tuned!

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